WiiWare Week: A handy list of our week of interviews and analysis in one place

WiiWare Week Round-Up

We’ve just wrapped up our WiiWare Week – a series of five articles looking at Nintendo’s new distribution platform.

Packed with incisive comment and analysis, we’ve collated links to all the content below. Enjoy!

Portrait of a launch title: LostWinds

We talk to Frontier head David Braben about his team’s WiiWare launch game

Why WiiWare?
Support for the Wii channel has been coming in thick and fast. We ask studios why they’ve fallen for Nintendo’s new service so quickly

Versus Round
We go behind the scenes to talk to developers about how Nintendo has charmed many and capitalised on the frustrations with services like Xbox Live Arcade in order to win over more support

WiiWare is ‘the equivalent of greenlighting 1,000 independent films’

Medaverse head Jesse Lowther, who is developing Gravitronix or the service, explains why he thinks WiiWare can change development and is ‘the games equivalent of greenlighting 1,000 independent films’

WiiWare: What’s Next
We look ahead to another launch window game, Spogs Racing, to find out about the use of episodic content in WiiWare titles

And two other key stories on WiiWare:

Nintendo Japan gears up for March 25th WiiWare launch

Games spun from staple franchises Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Mario will be available from the launch day along with a number of shorter casual games.

May 12th launch for US WiiWare

Nintendo says American launch title will include offerings from Frontier, Telltale Games and Square Enix

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