Female gamers still a minority on console, but the gap is closing

Women now 40% of Xbox Live

Women now make up 40 per cent of Xbox Live users, said Microsoft COO Kevin Turner during a meeting with financial analysts.

The Bellevue Washington event was reported by All Things D, which noted that much of the company’s message was about its transition to a devices and services model.

Microsoft is certainly offering a greater diversity of services, and at least one of those services is enjoying a jump in diversity, suggest Turner’s comments.

"That’s a giant change from when we launched our platform," said Turner.

While women have been the majoritiy audience in many markets like mobile and PC casual games for years, it’s a sign of changing times that more females are making their way to a platform dominated by ‘core’ gamers.

Gaming took something of a back seat during the event, as the company noted that Xbox isn’t strictly a gaming brand anymore; 42 per cent of Xbox Live subscribers use the service to watch at least 30 hours of movie or TV content each month.

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