XBLA Plants vs Zombies gets co-op

PopCap’s downloadable version of Plants vs Zombies for Xbox 360 looks like it will receive new features not seen on the PC or iPhone.

The casual strategy title boasts two Xbox 360 achievements that hint the game will include a two-player mode and online multiplayer.

The first achievement is given to players who ‘bowl a winner with a friend in co-op wall-nut bowling’, while the other is awarded to gamers who ‘go on a five-game winning streak in VS. mode.’ The bonuses were revealed on Xbox360Achievements as reported by GamerBytes.

Earlier this year PopCap announced Plants vs Zombies had grossed more than $1m on iPhone since its release. The game has been downloaded over 300,000 times at $2.99 a pop.

Plants vs Zombies is expected to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade in the coming weeks.

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