Xbox 360 S includes data transfer kit

Retailer GAME has confirmed that the Xbox 360 S will include a data transfer kit that can be used to port all your existing game saves and DLC to the new machine.

The new Xbox will have a data migration kit so getting all that gaming goodness out of your old hard drive will be a breeze,” GAME claimed via Twitter.

Of course, this isn’t a huge amount of help to those hoping to trade-in their existing machine against a redesigned model. In this instance the best option will be to use 16GB USB Flash drives to manually port data to a PC. This can then be transferred back to the new machine via the same method.

Please make sure your machine is updated with the latest firmware or else USB Flash support will not be enabled.

Note that some content will need to have its licence digitally transferred is users want to access it when not connected to the internet. Details about that process can be found here.

UPDATE: Microsoft has told MCV that the Xbox 360 S will not include a data transfer kit. Click here to read the full story.

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