Microsoftâ??s Phil Spencer questions the immediate value of new GPU and CPU combos

Xbox 720 â??not neededâ?? right now, says Microsoft

Microsoft has continued to distance itself from the opportunity to build a new console.

Microsoft Game Studios’ Phil Spencer – speaking to Develop in a new interview published today – suggested that few are signalling for a new Microsoft console.

“Do we need to sell a new console at some point? I don’t think we need to right now,” he said.

“We’ll wait until our experiences are at the right point, like we have done with the Natal camera. We’ll wait until everyone is ready for it from a software perspective.”

Spencer echoed the sentiment of Xbox division VP Don Mattrick, who notably stated that a Natal-powered 360 is – essentially – a next-generation console.

“I see [Natal] as like the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005 – there will be a launch portfolio of games to support it,” added Spencer.

Natal is expected to be released late in 2010, some five years after the 360’s initial launch.

Meanwhile, Spencer questioned whether the next generation of consoles will need to follow the traditional, and perhaps outdated, hardware upgrade process.

“In terms of putting more hardware on the market, what else can we do? Put more memory in it? I don’t think that’s enough,” he said.

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