Xbox: All entertainment will be interactive in five years

By 2016 all forms of entertainment will be interactive, says Xbox Live’s Robin Burrowes.

The Xbox Live product chief backed up his statement with stats from recent Xbox surveys, which showed that 42 per cent of people use social networks while watching a TV programme.

He says: "All forms of entertainment will be interactive within the next five years. The living room is becoming more multi-task."

He then revealed how console gamers are now using their home devices, and stressed the importance of not confusing consumers with too much content.

He said that 79 per cent of European console owner watch DVDs or Blu-rays on their consoles, while 45 per cent stream music from the likes of Xbox and PS3.

After going through the timeline of Xbox Live – from 2002 to today – Burrowes said that gamers are spending 60 hours per month on average over Xbox Live and that 42 per cent of Xbox Live members in the US are spending one hour watching TV and movies on their Xbox every single day. Up by 300 per cent year-on-year.

Burrowes then stressed the importance of not confusing users with the sheer amount of content, before pitching Xbox Live’s new dashboard as a solution.

"Convergence is in progress," continued Burrowes. "But there is a lot of complexity and consumers won’t compromise. There is a lot of quantity out there right now, there’s half a billion apps out there, but when it comes to the living room we believe it is quality over quantity.

"Consumers are getting confused. Our belief is that Xbox Live in the living room can be a key differentiator and can redefine things."

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