XBOX: Demo proves Kinect doubters wrong

With serious questions being asked over the accuracy and reliability of Microsoft’s Kinect tech in recent weeks, an impressive demonstration at Microsoft’s E3 press conference has proven all doubters wrong.

Working demonstrations of several Kinect launch titles showed that even in an environment as hectic as the LA stage, Kinect is able to accurately track player’s movements.

Further additional functionality was shown, including Kinect’s ability to take pictures of you while you play. These can then be shared with friends online.

This comes on the back of an already impressive demonstration by ESPN executives earlier on in the show. It’s easy to see how Microsoft will be able to sell the tech to consumers.

Both Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures were shown in some detail, and while the mainstream appeal of the titles on show is certainly up for question, that the tech works surely is not. Indeed, so far Microsoft’s conference has very much echoed that of Nintendo last year. The Kyoto firm was given a lukewarm reception in 2009 – it will be interesting to see how MS fares this time out.

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