Xenoblade voice actress doesn’t think cuts constitute censorship

The voice actress of Xenoblade Chronicles X character Lin has spoken out in favour of the alterations made to the game for its Western release.

The US and European versions of the Wii U RPG omit some of the raunchier costumes and character mechanics found in the Japanese release – a move that has been dubbed as ‘censorship’ by angrier parts of the fandom.

[It] honestly makes me cringe a little bit because [Liz is] only 13 years old,” Cassandra Lee Morris says in the video below, as reported by Kotaku. People are calling it censorship. I really see it as localisation.

There are a lot of cultural differences between Japan and the US and Europe. I, personally, don’t mind that Lin’s outfits were change for the US version. My hope is that players will be able to concentrate on Lin’s abilities and what she can bring to your game and what she can do for the other members of her party and not just how she looks.

I also think that covering Lin up a little bit will make parents more comfortable with kids playing the game, so it also opens the game up for a wider audience.”

Morris also revealed that the Western voice of Liz sounds older than the Japanese original because the developers were concerned a young voice might have grated with players.

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