Yarnton: Today 3D goes truly mainstream

Nintendo’s general manager David Yarnton has told MCV that the 3DS launch is already shaping up to be the most successful and exciting he’s seen.

The revolutionary handheld hits retail today. In fact over 1,200 stores opened at midnight to start selling the new format as soon as possible.

Nintendo itself celebrated last night with a lavish party at Billingsgate, London, and an official retail launch event at HMV’s Oxford Street store.

This morning, a remarkably fresh Yarnton told MCV: "Today, we hope, marks the day that 3D entertainment goes truly mainstream. Nintendo 3DS brings 3D gaming and entertainment to everyone, everywhere and without the need for 3D glasses for the very first time.

Until now 3D has suffered from three barriers. Its been too expensive, its not been mobile and you need special glasses. Nintendo 3DS overcomes all those barriers. Nintendo has a long track record of ground breaking innovation, most recently with two screen gaming on Nintendo DS and motion control with Wii. We’re all about surprising and delighting people and Nintendo 3DS is our latest surprise.

Hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of journalists have all had the chance to try it out and the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have been with Nintendo for almost 18 years and in Video Games for almost 25 years and this is the most exciting product launch I have seen.

"I would like to thank all of our partners at retail who have worked closely with us to make the launch the success it is already shaping up to be."

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