Yokai Watch gains a hyphen, makes the trip to Europe

Nintendo has confirmed plans to release the Yokai Watch series for 3DS in Europe.

The series, which will for some reason go by the name Yo-kai Watch, was confirmed as being planned for the West back in August, but this is the first tiem Nintendo has been confirmed as the European publisher.

The Level-5 series finished 2015 at the top of the Japanese charts and was the country’s best-selling game throughout the year, shifting 3,050,178 copies throughout the period.

A release has also been confirmed for the US, Australia, New Zealand and Korea. As well as its successful game and anime ventures, the game has also generated toy and merchandise revenues in excess of $1bn in Japan.

All signs point to the rise of a ‘new Pokemon’ – and that’s certainly what Nintendo and Level-5 would like to see.

MCV earlier this year examined whether the Yokai Watch series can replicate its Japanese success in the West – take a look.

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