You can watch Nintendo’s E3 2016 live-stream here

Nintendo may not be holding a conference or Direct show this year, but the platform is still showing off some of its upcoming titles at E3.

In a Nintendo Treehouse livestream, the firm will be providing more details about the long-awaited new The Legend of Zelda game. This will be the Wii U edition as Nintendo has already confirmed the absence of its new NX machine at E3.

Other than that, it’s said we will be getting more details and footage of Pokmon Sun and Moon.

When is it?

9am LA time, 5pm UK time

Where is it?

Live-stream only

What can we expect?

The Legend of Zelda Wii U, Pokmon Sun and Moon and no NX. Fingers crossed for a tease of the new hardware.

How can I watch it?

On the stream below:

Watch live video from Nintendo on

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