YouTube debuts 60 frames per second videos with new Battlefield: Hardline short

Content creators now have the option of uploading video at 60fps to YouTube.

For those to whom such things mean nothing, here’s an explanation: standard YouTube videos run at 24fps – as in, there are 24 individuals images shown every second – which is the same as standard DVD or TV video.

Most games run at 30fps, with those failing to hit or maintain this often criticised. Some titles such as Gran Turismo and Call of Duty – as well as most PC games for users whom have good enough equipment – run at 60fps.

Why the difference? For passive viewing a lower framerate is generally fine, but for a medium such as games where interaction is required and speed of response can play a factor, a higher framerate allows for more fluidity of controls and response time.

All of which means that most gameplay footage you see on the internet is running at well below the framerate from which it was recorded. But now YouTube has given users the option of uploading video at both 48fps and 60fps.

YouTube’s first 60fps video is this Battlefield: Hardline trailer:

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