YouTuber NepentheZ pleads guilty to FIFA gambling accusations

FIFA YouTuber Craig ‘NepentheZ’ Douglas and business partner Dylan Rugby have pleaded guilty to charges of gambling they previously rejected, the BBC reported yesterday.

After the BBC broke the news, Douglas took some time to explain the situation on Twitter (see below), saying he’ll upload a video in due course presenting [his] side of the story.” He added: The facts remain I plead guilty to 2 charges, and a substantial fine was the outcome.” He later said that videos will be returning today.

It’s a first, since the UK’s gambling commission had never pressed charges against a website linked to a game before. Back in September, Douglas and Rigby were accused of promoting illegal gambling via website Fut Galaxy, which let users place bets using FUT Coins, a virtual currently from FIFA’s Ultimate Team Mode. Douglas heavily promoted the website on his YouTube channel (which gathers over 1.4m subscribers), without mentioning he actually co-owned Fut Galaxy. Both Douglas and Rigby pleaded not guilty at the time.

Craig ‘NepentheZ’ Douglas is not the first YouTuber to be involved in gambling controversies though, as last year also saw TmarTn and ProSyndicate involved in the CSGO Lotto controversy. We recently talked to YouTubers management firms Hype and uChannel about what can be done to address these issues.

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