Casual gaming giant unlikely to make the move to consoles; XBLA too 'small'

Zynga dismisses Xbox Live

Xbox Live is widely regarded as the leading light of online console networks. So what does it say when the leading casual games developer Zynga dismisses it as small beans for games as popular as its own?

"Xbox Live’s too small a demographic," chief game designer Brian Reynolds told Industry Gamers. "Think about, of my friends, how many of them own an Xbox 360?

"I’m a game developer and I even come from a triple-A space so we might even be in the double digits. 20 or maybe even 30 per cent of my friends might have an Xbox 360, but effectively 100 per cent of them have Facebook and effectively 100 per cent of them have a mobile phone. Of them, probably 90 per cent have a smartphone."

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