Consumers concerned by 3D

UK consumers are worried that 3D TVs will make game violence more lifelike, a new survey has revealed.

The research was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of, and dealt with emerging gaming technology – including digital distribution, motion sensing and 3D.

The study surveyed a control group of general UK consumers and compared their answers with those of IGN readers.

90 per cent of IGN readers see 3D as a major development in game quality. However, although general consumers are also excited by 3D, 51 per cent of them are concerned it could make video game violence more lifelike.

When discussing digital, the survey revealed 59 per cent of IGN visitors are heavily into purchasing downloadable content, while just 22 per cent of the general public gaming group purchase DLC.

Meanwhile, when it came to motion controllers, the study revealed most IGN 360 owners (86 per cent) and IGN PS3 readers (84 per cent) are excited by Natal and Sony’s motion controller.

The general gaming population is also interested, but not to the same level, with 56 per cent of the 360-owning general public and 66 per cent of the PS3-owning general public expressing any interest.

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