Could E3 switch to Vegas?

Xbox boss Peter Moore has given the new E3 a cautious thumbs up, but questioned whether or not the invitation list was right – whilst global marketing vice president Jeff Bell has suggested that the show may need to quit LA.

Moore told MCV: Things got nuts last year. We had to shut down over half our meeting rooms for a considerable period because there was a heavy metal band bashing away at 100dB, complete with flame throwers. Things were out of control.

Maybe we’ll miss some of the excitement this year, but it’s already proving a good place to meet people like you guys and talk business. Possibly the invite list isn’t exactly right, we’ve had some comments from people who maybe should have been here and aren’t, but it is a quality environment for business.”

Jeff Bell went further: Maybe we have to leave LA to solve the problem. I’m not flying the flag for Las Vegas necessarily, but LA’s not a convention town.”

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