Could rewarded audio ads be the next big thing for mobile monetisation?

Rewarded video ads have become a key part of the monetisation toolset for mobile games, the key problem being that they interrupt players from what are usually visually-driven titles. So replacing them with audio-based ads, where players can play and listen at the same time, seems like an obvious idea in retrospect.

Following a closed beta test, AudioMob’s rewarded audio game monetisation platform has moved into an open beta today. Following what the company called a “highly successful closed beta program.”

AudioMob says that audio rewarded ads work much the same way as video ads, except they don’t interrupt the player’s flow – that should help with player retention. And of course it can be intermixed with banners and videos if required.

“AudioMob has been working with both studios and advertisers to create a powerful but simple audio game monetisation platform that offers a new, alternate and non-intrusive advertising solution that naturally complements banners, video and playables – and equally effective when used in isolation.”

The company states that initial reception to the idea has been positive.

“We’ve been bowled over by the enthusiasm people have for Rewarded Audio and the adoption of our platform by the game makers, publishers and brands that were part of the closed beta,” said AudioMob co-founder and CEO Christian Facey. “Rewarded Audio game monetisation delivers great results. It is easy to integrate through a simple plug-in, and those involved in our closed beta have already proved that amazing things can be done with audio, and all without interrupting players’ gaming time. A movement is underway, and we look forward to welcoming more from the game industry to participate”

And that developer support is foremost in its mind.

“I know personally how frustrating it can be not to have developer support on hand, and how much it can complicate your productivity when support isn’t responsive,” explained Wilfrid Obeng, AudioMob co-founder and CTO. “That’s why we’ve made sure we’ve built the developer support needed not only to let developers get the best results from Rewarded Audio, but also to make participation in our open beta as smooth and efficient as possible. We’ve equally made sure our AudioMob plugin is straightforward and elegant in equal measure. Everything is in place to make this beta a developer-centric experience..”

The only remaining question is how advertisers can be sure that players are listening, AudioMob currently displays a message encouraging players to unmute their phones when ads are playing, but only time will tell the true effectiveness. And of course the same argument can be made for rewarded video.

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