Countdown to LGC: Testronic Labs

Testronic Labs’ functionality and compliace QA boss Erik Hittenhausen teases his London Games Conference talk.

From its inception, the games industry has evolved significantly from simple pixelated figures on blank backgrounds to a vast array of game types played across disparate mediums. Realistic POV gaming to MMOs to social gaming.

Test teams now need to have their codes of practice ready to go and flexible. The challenge facing developers and testing professionals is one of maintaining standards and remaining vigilant through a continuous development cycle as the demands now include updates, add-ons, patches and much more.

Today, many of the most popular global franchises continually evolve rather than relying on a day one ship.

Depending on the type of project(s) and volume of work, the team structure and delivery models can differ for the execution of test disciplines. At LGC, I will discuss QA best practices to address the specific needs presented by a continuous development cycle. Long gone are the days of testing a game and then it was shipped calling an end to the QA process.

I will take a look at the entire QA process, from pre-production to post-release, examining the part that each stage plays in creating a ‘polished product’.?I will share my thoughts on the steps that developers can take during the development cycle to facilitate a smoother QA process.

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