Cousens: F1 can be our FIFA

The recent All Formats No.1 was just the start of what will become a long-term, highly lucrative and critically lauded relationship with Formula 1, Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has told MCV.

It will also broaden the appeal of the game next year with releases for new handheld formats, plus a browser game and a version aimed at very young children”.

The publisher won the game rights to the world’s second most popular sport back in 2008 – after a period when the franchise was controlled by Sony and exclusive to PlayStation.

Last year, due to a short lead time, it only managed Wii and PSP versions, but this year it released a well reviewed game on all major formats, which has so far sold around two million units in Europe.

Cousens said: There’s no reason why F1 can’t be as established and important a part of our annual release schedule as FIFA is to EA. I believe we won this licence because racing games are in the DNA of Codemasters.

Other companies would have paid more, but it came down to the quality of the game.

The current deal with FOM (the commercial arm of F1’s governing body) runs out in 2012, but Cousens is certain Codemasters will be in pole position to continue.

Someone would have to really go some way to beat us. And I’m not sure who’s out there that could do that.”

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