Crackdown DLC suffers teething trouble

Many consumers who have purchased the first DLC for Crackdown 2 are reporting of problems with the game following the download.

Numerous users of the forums are complaining that upon trying to play the game following the installation of the Premium Toy Box Pack their console is freezing up. At the moment the only resolution appears to be deleting the content from the hard drive.

The problems do not seem to be applicable to the cut-down free version of the DLC.

It’s not the first time Xbox Live has had to deal with problematic DLC releases. Bethesda had a torrid time following the release of its Fallout 3 DLC pack The Pitt which left many users succumbing to a range of graphical glitches and system crashes.

In more recent times a patch for THQ’s Metro 2033 has left users unable to claim their in-game achievements.

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