Craig Fletcher invests $125,000 in publisher Raw Fury

Raw Fury has announced that Multiplay founder Craig Fletcher has invested $125,000 in the company, to be used to "bolster Raw Fury’s operations."

The deal actually went through during Raw Fury’s seed round in December, and will see Craig Fletcher advising the company as an angel investor.

Fletcher is best known for his work with Multiplay, the UK-based company behind Insomnia, the famous UK LAN event that infamously plunged its host town into darkness at its first 1999 event, after the attendees sucked all the power out of a local substation. Multiplay was sold to GAME in a £20m deal in 2015, with Craig staying on as CEO, before bceoming GAME’s senior VP for esports and competitive game strategy.

Now, Fletcher has founded a company Wicked Sick, for investment and consultancy. This is his first big investment but he’s consulted for companies like Rocket Lolly, PlayMob, Percent and Vidsy in addition to continued involvement with GAME.

Speaking to MCV yesterday, Fletcher said that he saw Raw Fury becoming a future indie darling, suggesting they could see similar success to publishers like Devolver or Paradox. We’ll have a full interview with him early next week.

In the press release, Raw Fury claim Fletcher’s experience in building a company from the ground up and becoming a market leader in an emerging sector of the industry is "paramount to the goals of Raw Fury," in addition to claiming "he knows all the best pubs in Southampton, something even Trip Advisor can’t claim."

Jonas Antonsson, Raw Fury’s founder and CEO, added: “Thanks for the money, dude.”

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