Creative Assembly hopes to convert new RTS fans with Halo Wars 2

Creative Assembly says it will introduce a new interface and new controls into the PC version of Halo Wars 2, but insists the game will remain one of the studio’s most accessible strategy titles.

Xbox marketing chief Aaron Greenberg told MCV @ Gamescom yesterday that he believes Halo Wars 2 will convert some PC gamers into Halo fans, but executive producer David Nicholson also hopes to turn Halo players into RTS enthusiasts.

First and foremost, we want to make a really good RTS game,” he said. The platform it is on comes secondary to that. The platforms themselves bring their own challenges, so we are trying to make an ‘RTS for everyone’. If you’ve never played an RTS before, I would encourage you to play Halo Wars 2. We still retain the depth, so if you are a big RTS fan, all of that stuff is there, but we are bringing a lot of accessibility.”

Nicholson added: There will be significant differences between the two platforms, certainly with the user interface and the control schemes. So people familiar with RTS on the PC will feel very comfortable with how it is presented.

People who have played great Halo games but have never been attracted to an RTS game may buy this for the story and the Halo connection, but they will also be introduced to the genre. There are several different modes that gives you an introduction to the core mechanics of an
RTS game.”

Halo Wars 2 arrives on Windows 10 and Xbox One on February 21st next year.

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