Creative Assembly on how Halo Wars 2 could bring RTS games to a wider audience

Microsoft and Creative Assembly collaboration Halo Wars 2 has the potential to be a RTS game for everybody.That’s according to Creative Assembly’s console creative lead Alistair Hope, who told MCV that the combination of Creative Assembly’s experience in the RTS genre with the Total War franchise and Microsoft’s mass market Halo IP could bring strategy titles to a much wider audience than before.

This was a great opportunity to make a RTS for everyone,” Hope said. We were big fans of the Halo universe, we really like the original Halo Wars and being given the opportunity to make a sequel was just something we leapt at.

It’s that combination of our heritage in making strategy games plus this amazing universe – combining those things could really take strategy games to a wider audience. There’s great potential there. That was probably our biggest focus – making sure we could give a wider variety of gamers an experience within Halo Wars 2 that they’d find really engaging, satisfying and rewarding.”

He continued: There are more people playing strategy games than ever before. One of the goals for us with Halo Wars 2 was to make a game where people would play it and then say they didn’t realise they liked strategy games.

If players want a fun and engaging experience, this is the game for them. It’s exciting taking Halo Wars to Windows 10 – we’re taking Halo in a really big and meaningful way, to PC for the first time in years. That opens up the potential audience to Halo and Halo Wars 2 enormously.”

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