Critics praise Dead Space 2

Ahead of its release in the UK this Friday, the first reviews of EA’s Dead Space 2 have appeared online – and the reception so far has been rapturous.

The Xbox 360 version of EA’s sequel is currently averaging 90 per cent on Metacritic.

"There are some decidedly spooky environments and a handful of impressive action sequences (including the occasional quick time event), but the meat of the experience is all the meat, namely the chunks you’ll be blowing off baddies at regular intervals," Joystiq wrote in its review.

"Dead Space 2 does not stray far from its gross, fleshy roots, but it still manages to provide one of the best action horror experiences available. In short, survival horror fans should definitely suit up."

IGN was even more gushing: "Dead Space 2 is an amazing game. When I beat it for the first time, I sat on the couch with my heart racing and dissected the journey I had just taken. Then, I started my second playthrough, and when that was done, I jumped into a new game for the third time. Dead Space 2 is just that good."

Edge goes as far as to hail it as one of the best examples of action titles this generation: "The game’s excellent controls and stream of grisly scares make it the current standard for survival horror, and it now boasts eruptions of blockbusting action that rival this generation’s biggest games."

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