Critics wowed by Halo Reach

The global review embargo on Microsoft’s Halo Reach was lifted last night, and critics have been eager to heap praise on the hotly tipped new FPS.

It currently has an average score of 93 per cent on reviews aggregator Metacritic, already making it one of the highest rated titles of all time. The game has also won eight perfect 10/10 scores to date from sites including Joystiq, Destructoid, IGN and 1UP.

Reach is a celebration of four fantastic shooters,” CVG’s review reads. It pays tribute to entries past (most strongly to the one that started it all, Combat Evolved), whilst delivering the most beautiful and epic campaign yet. In addition, its multiplayer modes brim with depth and customisation never before seen in the series.”

IGN adds: Halo: Reach is a fantastic package, with several core components that on their own can outclass many other games. The campaign is excellent, backed by solid storytelling and a powerful audio-visual experience. The competitive multiplayer is familiar, yet brand new with a lot more options and a faster pacing. And the cooperative Firefight arcade mode has finally met its potential.

It’s a fitting end to Bungie’s involvement with the franchise, one that both references the past and injects new life into a tried and true formula. Newcomers and Halo fans alike will find plenty to love in Halo: Reach. Even if you’ve grown tired of the Halo formula through the years, I’d still recommend this game to you. It’s just that good.”

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