Crysis 2 reviews go live

EA’s Crysis 2 has finally arrived in the US and hits UK retail on Friday, and with the review embargo lifting last night reviewers have been heaping praise on the long awaited sequel.

The game currently carries a Metacritic average of 87 per cent, making it one of the biggest critical hits of 2011.

"Crytek has gone out of its way to offer something brilliant that other shooters don’t, and succeeded in abundance – with fantastic shootouts, tonnes of freedom and a technical magic bag that’s the envy of all of its competitors," CVG offered in its 9.1/10 review.

Eurogamer, which scored the game an 8/10, added: "Story aside, Crysis 2 is a hell of a video game about shooting stuff.

"It’s challenging, facilitates and then demands the use of tactics, and is more generous in scale than almost any other first-person shooter of the past few years. Even on the default difficulty setting, this is a challenging game, and the sparsely spaced checkpoints force careful consideration of every scenario."

GameSpot was slightly more balanced in its 8.5/10 assessment: "Crysis was a superb game, and it wasn’t so just because of the astounding technology that brought it to life. Crysis 2 doesn’t make as strong of a mark, but in a sea of me-too shooters, it feels unique and offers an exciting journey that’s as much your own making as that of the developer.

"The wow factor is undercut by a few issues–the bargain-bin AI and some unfortunate bugs among them. But while the lows are inescapable, the highs are intense, and the more you play, the more extraordinary they become. If you give this sequel a little patience, it will bombard you with the thrills you came seeking."

IGN‘s 9/10 was altogether more positive: "Crysis 2 succeeds. It’s a beautiful, engrossing experience that avoids the anaemic, scripted playbook made law by the 500 pound shooter gorilla.

"It plays well, encourages creative problem-solving, and confidently delivers a series of escalating and changing encounters and scenarios that will push you to think in a way few shooters have in an era of increasingly funnelled experiences. While Crysis 2 loses its footing during a few odd moments, Crytek more than delivers on the promise of their previous games."

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