Crystal Dynamics explains Tomb Raider Wii U no-show

There is no Wii U version of Tomb Raider because developer Crystal Dynamics didn’t feel able to service the console’s full potential.

That’s according to creative director Noah Hughes, who as reported by GameSpot simply felt that they wouldn’t do the machine full justice unless they devoted considerable resource to the project.

"I’m always a fan of the Nintendo systems, in particular they really push interface design, and from a game design perspective it’s fun to play with new interfaces," Hughes stated.

"Having said that, it’s something that I think we would want to tailor the experience to if we were going to do it.

"All three [other console and PC versions] are really trying to deliver roughly the same experience, but delivered best on each platform, and I think something like. That’s something as a gamer I love, but it’s something you don’t want to do half-heartedly as a developer."

All of which highlights what could yet prove a worrying trend for Nintendo.

Wii U’s limited install base plus the traditional failure of third party action titles on Nintendo machines already make publishing on Wii U a gamble. Add to that the perceived need to redevelop parts of a title to make the most of Nintendo’s innovations and we’re yet again in a position where third parties are shying away from Nintendo’s hardware.

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