Cult FMV title Night Trap seeking HD Kickstarter backing

The creators of ‘90s cult hit Night Trap have launched a Kickstarter to try and fund an HD remake of the game.

Night Trap is remembered for its use of full motion video (FMV) and was one of a handful of titles that was supposed to usher in a new era of visual fidelity thanks to the advent of disc-based hardware such as Sega’s Mega-CD and the 3DO.

The game comes in for a fair bit of stick but actually sold nearly 1m copies.

This new $330,000 Kickstarter promises an HD revisit of the game created from the original source material. If the project is funded the team also hopes to not only revamp other Digital pictures titles but also begin work on Night Trap II.

Night Trap offers a unique and innovative gaming experience: instead of being set in an animated world, it takes the form of a live-action interactive movie, with the player influencing the events which occur onscreen,” the Kickstarter reads.

In many ways, Night Trap more appropriately belongs in the current world of casual gaming than it did in the amped-up, twitch-factor era of the nineties, when it originally made its debut. The storyline of the film — a fun-filled tribute to the schlocky slasher movies of the ‘80s — provides just as much entertainment as the gameplay, and first-rate talent is on display both in front of and behind the camera.

We chose Kickstarter to make sure we’re not suffering from a double case of self-adulation and self-delusion, and to see if there’s really an audience that either agrees with us, or believes that our minimum $20 price point makes it painless to find out what interactive films are all about. With your support, we can carry the project through to its conclusion and let fans and newcomers alike experience interactive live-action gaming, at a level of quality and resolution never before possible.”

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