Curve Games announces publishing partnerships for Block‘Em!, Dice Gambit and Chenso Club

Curve Games has announced new partnerships with indie developers Cat Shawl Games, Chromatic Ink and Pixadome and is set to publish their latest video games in the near future. The deals apply to the games Block ‘Em, Dice Gambit and Chenso Club, for which Curve Games will provide all their usual long-term publisher support.

Block ‘Em is a fast-paced, block-filled multiplayer action game for 2 to 4 players, in which players compete to ‘be the last blocky standing’, which usually involves sabotage and shouting at each other.  

Rasmus Östlund, Cat Shawl Games Studio Lead said “With Curve, we feel safe in the long-term support for our little game, which has been one of the main concerns during development. We believe that together we can ensure that Block’em gets to be all it can be.”

Dice Gambit is a turn-based tactics game where you roll dice to control your characters. It promises to let players completely customise their characters, and tell a story about aristocratic families competing for power.

Anton Pilmark, CEO of Chromatic Ink said “We’re so incredibly excited and thankful to journey forwards with Curve.  With every step since the first meeting, it became clearer that this was meant to be, so we’re confident this will be a beautiful and fantastic partnership.”

Chenso Club is a side-scrolling platform brawler that follows an all-female cast of colourful and deadly fighters as they take on an alien invasion. 

“The Pixadome team is pleased to work with Curve as a publisher. The first few meetings felt like we’ve developed the whole game together, and we are excited to see where this cooperation can lead us,” said Sebastian Ojala, Studio Lead at Pixadome.

At Curve Games, we are delighted to continue our support of talented, indie studios across the globe to publish unique and exciting titles,” said John Clark, CEO of Curve Games. 

Curve have previously been responsible for releasing big indie hits like Stealth Inc., OlliOlli, Human: Fall Flat and Hotshot Racing. They also recently announced team-ups with Eat Create Sleep, Homo Ludens and Triangle Studios.

If you’d like to reach out to them about publishing your game, you can find their website here.

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