Dan Harmon is making a scripted eSports comedy show for YouTube

Dan Harmon, creator of Community and Rick and Morty, is making a comedy series based around eSports for YouTube Red.

The series will feature six 30 minute episodes that follow a new team of eSports stars who are trying to make it big in the growing competitive gaming industry. Both Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson from the YouTube channel Game Grumps will star in the show.

Harmon’s Starburns Industries company will be producing the show, so just how hands on the man himself will be remains to be seen, although he is listed as an executive producer. What we do know is that both Michele Morrow and Jesse Cox created the show, and should bring the games industry knowledge that is required for this project. Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe will serve as showrunners and writers.

The show will go live in early 2017 on the Game Grumps channel.

Our goal is to be uniquely YouTube,” said Susanne Daniels, global head of content for YouTube, when talking about the new shows they are creating. And our thesis is simple: Identify YouTube’s most engaging stars and top genres, and invest in the content that fans tell us they want. In other words, let our community drive our content.”

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