Dark Matter is pulled from Steam and GOG after gamer unrest

Digital retailers Steam and GOG have pulled recent release Dark Matter from sale.

Enraged buyers took to the internet shortly after the game’s release, disgruntled that it ends with a rather abrupt ‘to be continued’ message.

The full story is indeed not complete yet because originally we wanted a longer game (12-16 hours) but couldn’t finish it completely due to time and money (and Kickstarter failing),” one of the game’s developers explained on the Steam forums.

So, we choose to go with a 6-8 hour game instead to bring something out to the world and show everyone the world of Dark Matter. We are going to change the ‘to be continued’ text to something else, to make sure this will be the end of the game as is in a clear message to everyone.

The current Dark Matter on Steam is a complete game in itself though. There are many things to explore and many ways to go through and many things to discover. If people just run through it then yes it will be less then those 6 hours.”

A message on the game’s Steam Store Page now reads: Currently there is a known issue at the end of the game. The developer is aware of the issue and they are working on a patch as a solution.”

Although we’re not sure that changing ‘to be continued’ to ‘the end’ constitutes much of a solution.

GOG, meanwhile, is offering refunds to anyone who bought the game before October 21st: It’s come to our attention that the gamecard for Dark Matter was not quite specific enough about the nature of the game and, as a result, it may be that some people bought the title with some misapprehensions as to how the game’s story would end.

Since we don’t ever want to sell a game to someone because they believe it is something that it is not, we wanted to let you know about this and let you know what we’re doing to make it right.”

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