Dave Perry quietly launches Gaikai

Notable developer Dave Perry has announced that Gaikai entered open beta on Sunday.

The game-streaming service is being launched gradually, with 1,000 invites sent out to consumers at the weekend, and more being issued in waves of 10,000.

Everyone will be getting invited in batches and if you are too far from our servers, don’t worry you’ve actually helped as you’ve shown us where we need to install more data centers,” wrote Perry on his blog.

Gaikai launched with a demo version of Mass Effect 2, and Perry reports that both the game’s developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts have been very supportive”.

The good news for them is we are getting a surprising amount of people clicking ‘buy’ without even making them a special offer,” he added.

Perry is working with a variety of publishers, retailers and more, with at least 60 promotional deals planned for the near future. Gaikai will also host a special streamed build of Second Life.

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