David Cage criticises game marketeers

David Cage, the French creative director who shaped Heavy Rain, has criticised US publishers and marketers for not having faith in his games.

In a wide-ranging interview with Develop, Cage said American marketing departments have this image of their market being gun-loving red-necks. It’s completely wrong”.

He revealed he was twice asked to change the name of his games for the US, and recounts the huge arguments” he had with Atari for not promoting his second game, Fahrenheit.

Atari, which had publishing rights for Fahrenheit in the west, enforced the game’s name change to Indigo Prophecy, which Cage tells Develop was a fucking stupid name”.

Quantic Dream’s first game, called The Nomad Soul, also had its title altered by publisher Eidos.

To read more on this story and the full interview with David Cage, visit Develop.

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