Dead Cells’ developer Motion Twin reveals all employees are paid the same, regardless of position

French studio Motion Twin has shared information stating that every employee at the studio, from the newest employee to the founding members, are all paid exactly the same amount.

Motion Twin, the studio behind indie roguelike Dead Cells, revealed in an interview with Kotaku that all staff receive the same salary, and that the company is run completely collaboratively, with everyone having the same say on the direction of projects in the studio.

Motion Twin says that the studio aims to be a "direct challenge, not just to the exploitative practices you see at a lot of other companies, but also to tired old world corporate structures in general."

Motion Twin’s game designer Sébastien Bénard said to Kotaku: "We actually just use a super basic formula: if a project finds success, people are basically paid more in bonuses, and everyone is paid the absolute same way. The devs and the artists are paid the same amount of money, and people like me who have been here for 17 years are paid the same amount as people who were recruited last year."

Motion Twin is a small studio, with only 11 employees, and they’re best known up to this point as developers of free online games, including multiplayer titles Mush and Die2Nite. The studio are about to launch Dead Cells, which has already sold 700,000 copies on the PC in Steam’s Early Access platform. The game, which has a physical release coming in partnership with Merge Games, could be the studio’s biggest, which should mean bonuses across the board for Motion Twin’s employees. 

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