Deadly Premonition creator’s next game D4 hits Xbox One tomorrow

D4, the next game from Hidetaka ‘Swery65′ Suehiro, will be released on Xbox One tomorrow.

The episodic game is a cel-shaded action adventure that was originally designed to use the Kinect, relying on a user’s voice and gestures. Interestingly, however, Microsoft has now said it can instead be played using a controller if a user prefers.

The epilogue and first two episodes will be available tomorrow, with more to follow.

Microsoft has confirmed a North American price of $14.99, although it’s not clear if that’s for the whole thing, per episode, or the first three pieces.

‘Replicating senses’ and ‘Empathy’ have been key themes to the project since its beginning, and the Kinect has been very useful in realizing those,” Swery told Xbox Wire.

The player is able to move his or her hands around as if they are actually touching the in-game world, and can effortlessly get immersed in the world. Of course, the game can be played from beginning to end with the standard controller – but if you own an Xbox One, I implore you to give the Kinect experience a shot.

D4 has an episodic structure, so if the fans really like what they see, the series could continue for a pretty long time. If that happens, when a new player wants to start from the very first episode, I wanted to make sure they didn’t feel like they were getting into something old or outdated. Those were the points I had in mind while I was iterating on the development of the style we have today.”

Here’s a trailer:

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