Death Stranding is definitely coming to PS4, not PS5, says Kojima

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that his upcoming game Death Stranding will definitely be a PS4 game rather than a potential PS5 title, and that right now it won’t be playable in VR.

Speaking about the game at RTX Sydney, as reported by DualShockers, Kojima said the team was currently working on game logic and testing various framework systems. The focus this year will be filling out the game world and building on its current foundations. He remained tight-lipped about when the game will actually be released, but from the sound of things it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing a working build of the game any time soon.

Kojima also spoke about why he chose Sony as a publishing partner for Death Stranding. Despite receiving several other offers from other companies to help bring the game to market, including a company from the United Arab Emirates, he reportedly said Sony was willing to give him total creative freedom to make the game he wants.

Kojima said this was an important part of his decision, as he wanted to make a game that a lot of people will enjoy and that will give them an equally large amount of freedom when playing the game.

An example he gave of this was the decision to show Norman Reedus naked in the first game trailer. According to Kojima, most other companies might have decided against this due to content concerns, but Sony was reportedly completely fine with the idea.

As for Death Stranding’s franchise prospects, DualShockers reported that Kojima isn’t currently considering a Death Stranding sequel. He will, however, think it over if there’s enough demand for it.

Death Stranding doesn’t have any kind of release window at the moment, but judging from what we’ve heard about the game so far, we’re probably looking at 2018 at the very earliest, if not 2019.

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