Death threats force another female games developer to flee home

Developer Brianna Wu was this weekend forced to leave her home after she received death threats on Twitter.

Wu is the creator of smartphone title Revolution 60 and head of development at Boston studio Giant Spacekat. She was targeted by members of the #GamerGate campaign, who also posted her personal information online, after tweeting a series of images mocking those who have used the hashtag.

The developer told Polygon, who independently verified the claims with the police, that she is working both with local authorities and with the FBI.

In addition to the attacks being directed at her, Wu also confirmed that the financial accounts of Giant Spacekat have been targeted by hackers.

She becomes the third female to be forced to abandon her home amidst safety concerns after both Tropes vs Women creator Anita Sarkeesian and Depression Quest creator Zoe Quinn endured similar hostility.

In addition Sarkeesian, herself a victim of some appalling threats from social media, revealed over the weekend that bomb threats were made at an event in which she was speaking – it’s the third time it has happened. The FBI is also working with Sarkeesian to track down those responsible for her abuse.

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