Death threats in Aussie R18+ debate

With the Australian government having finally opened up the debate on violent games, and in turn paved the way for a possible R18+ rating to be introduced, South Australian attorney general Michael Atkinson has stated that he has been receiving death threats from disgruntled gamers.

Atkinson maintains that violent games should continue to be banned in the territory.

I’m unlikely I’ll change my stance anytime soon considering the last death threat I received was pushed under my door at 2am, presumably by someone who doesn’t like my stance on R18+,” he stated according to GamePolitics.

It was like something out of a Hollywood film – letters cut from magazine headlines arranged together on a page. I receive abusive emails from anonymous senders on a daily basis.”

The debate stems from the fact that the highest rating available to censors when classifying video games in Australia is M15+. Anything dubbed unsuitable for those below the age of 15 cannot currently be granted a release.

However, the statesman insists that he remains committed to the cause.

I’ll consider changing my mind about all this when the gaming community decide to behave in a civil fashion and apologise for the threats to me and my family,” he added. But I don’t plan to back down from the fight. I started my mission and I plan to finish it.”

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