Deathsmiles heading to iOS

Cult Japanese shoot-em-up developer Cave has confirmed that it is to port quirky shooter Deathsmiles to iOS devices this spring.

The announcement comes on the back of the game’s PAL Xbox 360 release courtesy of Rising Star Games last Friday.

Andriasang reports that the iOS version will be a port of the Xbox 360 SKU rather than the arcade version.

It will be the third shooter that Cave has released on the platform following Espgaluda II and DoDonPachi Resurrection. The company also published Guwange on Xbox Live Arcade last year.

Cave also confirmed a boxed retail Xbox 360 port for shooter Akai Katana. It remains to be seen whether the SKU will be region free (like the Xbox 360 versions of Mushihimmi-Sama Futari and Espgaluda II) or region locked (like DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu, Ketsui and Muchi-Muchi Pork).

The company has also revealed a sizeable update to new IP Mushihimesama Bug Panic and another original iOS title – After School Kamishibai.

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