Dell’s Steam Machine becomes Alienware Alpha ‘console’

What was initially meant to be one of the first Steam Machines will now be shipped with Windows installed and with an Xbox 360 controller.

Dell’s Alienware Alpha will be released in the UK this November with prices starting at 429.

Steam still features big in a device Alienware is pitching as an immersive PC gaming experience, custom-tailored for the living room” that merges the open ecosystem and flexibility of PC gaming with the ease-of-use and intuitive interface of consoles”.

Buyers can choose a range of configurations featuring CPUs such as a Dual-Core Intel i3 or Quad-Core i7 processor as well as various RAM and hard drive specs.

The machine will also use – and automatically boot into – a custom UI that’s designed for navigation on a TV using a controller and integrates into Steam’s Big Picture mode.

The Alienware Alpha is purpose-built for living room gaming, and represents a new direction for a truly open console platform,” Alienware GM Frank Azor said. With the Alpha, Alienware has made playing fun, new games with your friends in the living room not only simple, but affordable.”

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