Destiny 2 launches smoothly despite reported PS4 Pro crashes

Launching a gigantic game that only works when players are connected to the server is always something of a nervous time. However, Destiny 2’s rolling worldwide launch over the last 24 hours seem to come off without incident, or at least without major incident, for most players

There were some complaints immediately after the US rollout that players were stuck in a queue to join the game, or not even able to enter said queue, but griping on the usual forums was pretty minimal by the standards of these things. We played the game on the strike of midnight in the UK and had no problem getting online, and all seems well this morning as too. So congratulations to Activision for the smooth roll out.

The only other problem to rear its head has been complaints of crashes that look to be linked only to players on PS4 Pro consoles. The issue doesn’t appear to be widespread, with many PS4 Pro owners able to play the game just fine, however. Owners of affected consoles are reporting error code ‘CE-34878-0’ and are having crashes every few minutes that usually require the removal of the power cord to reset the console.

It’s unclear how widespread the problem is and why it only affects some consoles, but given that Sony had heavily promoted the PS4 Pro alongside the game. Bungie’s official support forum seems to suggest the issue could be linked to switching out the hard disk in the device, or having your device set to Russian (though we doubt the latter is the issue for most sufferers). Further reports have popped up on Reddit and Neogaf.

Still, the vast majority of players appeared to have got online and got playing, so retailers can sell the game with confidence in the coming days.

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