Destiny approaching 13m players

Bungie has released a slew of statistics for Destiny, revealing that nearly 13m people have played the online FPS.

As of the studio’s post earlier today, the game boasts 12,869,066 players across Playstation and Xbox console platforms that have created 22,932,276 guardians and logged 872,404,449 hours collectively.

Destiny’s Crota’s End raid has been beaten 769 times, but just once by a single player, and the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid has been killed 2.4m times.

While those figures are all well and good, it’s still worthy to note that Bungie and publisher Activision have remained silent regarding any hard sales numbers for the title.

The developer added that 500 staff members are still working on the title – though the studio didn’t specify how that total is divided up between the release itself, DLC for the game, and (more than likely) whatever sequel it’s cooking up.

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