Destiny introduces £24.99 character boost microtransactions

A new type of microtransaction has been added to Destiny that allows players to instantly spec up a character.

Eurogamer reports that players now have the option of buying a levelling pack that can instantly boost a character all the way up to level 25.

The cost? 24.99.

This year’s expansion The Taken King also included an item that could boost a character top the same level, but that was included in the purchase. This new option gives players the flexibility to spec up as many characters as they like, and also comes with a few additions in the form of a subclass boost and telemetries for upgrading weapons.

Buying the boost still leaves characters some way short of the current level 40 cap, however, which may make the steep financial cost a little less appealing.

Microtransactions have been the catalyst for plenty of controversy within some parts of the Destiny community, although that hasn’t stopped them selling by the bucket load.

Bungie has previously said that its microstransactions will not be ‘pay-to-win’. Whether character level boosters are pay-to-win or not is probably a matter of opinion, although it certainly offers no advantage over keen players.

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