Dev criticises Call of Duty strategy

One indie developer has lashed out both at Activision’s decision to charge a fee for Call of Duty Elite and its failure, in his opinion, to evolve the franchise.

"I don’t agree with it," Zombie Studios’ lead designer Jared Gerritzen told Gamasutra of the Call of Duty Elite service. "Right now, if they could, they’d charge 60 bucks [for the game], then 20 bucks a month for a map pack—or even just one map—and then $9 to upload game movies to YouTube.

"They see this massive fan base, and why aren’t they spending that money and evolving the game even more?

"They’re amazing games, but looking across the last four games, was there anything really new? That’s the sad part. Think about if they tried to spend that money that they’re trying to milk from the fans. It’s sad. It’s really weird. But there’s always going to be that guy; there’s always going to be the jerk."

Gerritzen is currently working on Zombie’s free-to-play online shooter Blacklight: Retribution.

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