Developer Curators added to PlayStation Store

Sony has launched a new curation system on PSN’s PlayStation Store.

Called The Creators, the new feature allows select big-name developers to list the games that they would name as their best pick of the titles available on the store.

Kotaku reports that the initial lineup includes top PlayStation exec Shuhei Yoshida, Media Molecule co-founder Siobahn Reddy, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono and the snappily titled Square Enix ‘Business Division 2’.

Admittedly plenty of recommendations are based on a curator’s own products, but there’s some decent diversity in there too.

Currently The Creators only appears to be live on the US arm of PSN. Certainly, there’s no sign of it yet on the UK store.

Steam was one of the first big services to offer a curation system which, unlike Sony’s, isn’t restricted to a select group. In fact, that’s part of the problem with it – any Steam user can set up as a Curator, and sifting among anything other than the profiles with the highest number of followers is a pretty arduous task.

Not that Valve’s system is entirely without merit. The freedom means that there are plenty of very specific and niche Curators to follow who may well tally with your particular interests.

Developers are also able to block specific Curators from their pages, which is good for filtering out unnecessary abuse but less good when used as a tool for silencing valid criticism. Nor are there controls in place for Curators who may have an association with a game or developer.

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