Developer offers to refund and double Patreon payments as thanks to those who contributed to his game’s success

Rise to Ruins developer Raymond Doerr is refunding his Patreon donors twice what they’ve paid as a thank you for their support and contributing to the game’s success.

In an update on the official Steam page (crossed-posted from his Patreon – thanks,, Doerr confirmed that the city-building strategy sim – which released in early access in 2014 following a successful Kickstarter campaign – has become "so successful", he’s able to retire his Patreon entirely and pay back the donors who supported the project double what they’ve given.

"After some very, very careful consideration I’ve decided to shut down the Patreon," he wrote. "The reason being Rise to Ruins easily sustains my livelihood and a nice rainy day account that can keep SixtyGig Games running through the hard times now, so I don’t feel right taking additional money from you guys! Your support has and always will be appreciated and I thank you all for your pledges, reviews and of course, buying the game."

Doerr went on to clarify that as the game had been "doing increasingly well over the last six months or so", as a thank you for each pledge he would refund twice what the donor had paid. This means that if a backer donated $1 for six months, they will receive $12 back – all they have to do is send the developer a message via Patreon, and he will arrange a PayPal payment. For those without a PayPal account, he has also offered to refund payments via Steam gift card codes.

"Please, don’t look at this as a negative, I greatly appreciate everything you guys have and will do!" Doerr concluded. "This is actually a great thing; as Rise to Ruins has become so successful a rainy day fund this Patreon set out to build is no longer necessary."

"I can hardly believe what I am reading," said one commenter on the Steam thread. "Just came here to say this is such a great thing to do that I bought the game to support the dev," added another.

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