Devil May Cry reboot ‘was always going to upset people’

The decision to reboot Devil May Cry was always going to upset some fans, Capcom has admitted.

The new game – which launches on January 15th – was initially greeted with dismay by vocal Devil May Cry fanatics. Gamers were unhappy with the new direction, the new UK?developer and even the hair colour of the hero Dante.

But Capcom’s European marketing boss Michael Pattison believes that as people go hands-on with the new game, opinions are starting to change.

There is always going to be a core fanbase that will question our intentions,” he told MCV.

Whenever you try and change an established franchise, you are always going to upset a few people that are going to be a little bit concerned about what you’re doing with the brand. That’s understandable. We feel there is more confidence amongst people that have gone hands-on.”

Pattison says it was important for Capcom to take a risk with the series.

The last Devil May Cry sold well, But it probably hit a ceiling in terms of where we could take it in its current direction. People are being risk averse but if you’re not bringing anything new, you will get a volley of abuse from consumers.

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