Devil’s Third multiplayer is being shut down

The online component of Tomonobu Itagaki’s Devil’s Third for Wii U will be shut down in December.

Nintendo has revealed that its servers will be switched off on December 29th. That’s just 16 months after the game was released in Europe and Japan and a year after its North American arrival.

Sales of the Golden Egg item will stop on Monday (June 27th). The game has also been discounted by 50 per cent to 24.99.

Devil’s Third trod a tricky road to market. After big words from its creator, who claimed that the title would be a breakthrough for the industry”. When reviewers disagreed, Itagaki claimed that the low scores were due the reviewers’ lack of skill and not the quality of the game.

It’s Metacritic score? 43 per cent.

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