Devolver is publishing Dropsy the Clown in September

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that the trailer for Dropsy: A Point & Click Hugventure is the most bizarre thing you’ll have seen today. Or maybe ever.

Devolver has announced plans to publish the game, which was Kickstarted back in 2013, on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android on September 10th. The game has its roots in a choose your own adventure thread from Something Awful.

Dropsy is a non-traditional take on the classic point and click adventure formula starring the game’s perpetually carefree namesake clown as he explores a richly detailed world full of colourful characters and sinister secrets, doling out hugs along the way,” the company said.

Rather than lead players on a singular narrative path, players are free to choose which avenues of adventure they want to explore in an open world setting, and can piece the puzzles and story together however they choose.

During the quest to clear his name after a deadly circus fire, Dropsy will encounter a peculiar cast of folk to communicate with through visual icons rather than the traditional text dialog trees. Through these rudimentary conversations, Dropsy takes players on a self-aware journey of self-discovery with a story that harnesses powerful themes of love and redemption – Dropsy the character is an outsider, longing for a community to call his own.”

Here’s the trailer. Be warned. It’s effing odd:

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