DI4D scales up facial capture operations after Quantum Break success

Facial capture company Dimensional Imaging, also known as DI4D, has announced it’s completed a 900,000 investment from Percipient Capital and existing shareholders.

The Glasgow-based firm was originally formed in 2003 and has since become one of the leading provider’s of facial performance capture for visual effects in movies, games and VR, as well as for advanced clinical and other scientific research applications.

"The investment will allow us to expand the R&D team at our Glasgow headquarters and hence accelerate our technology development and ensure that our performance capture solutions continue to lead the industry," CEO of DI4D Colin Urquhart told MCV.

"We are also planning to scale up our post-processing capability to allow us to better service more and larger projects, andto expand our existing operations in USA to better serve the large customer base there."

He added: "Our focus will primarily be on further improving the quality and efficiency of our facial performance capture solutions for ‘digital doubles’, but we will also be looking to expand our offering in terms of applying captured data to customers’ animation rigs and transferring captured facial performance data from an actor onto different characters.

"Video games developers are constantly striving to improve the detail and realism of facial animation, with a desire to achieve in-game results similar to those currently only possible for pre-rendered content. More and more developers are using facial performance capture and many are starting investigating new techniques and pipelines to improve the fidelity of facial capture. Quantum Break is a great example of the quality and realism of in-game facial animation that can now be achieved using DI4D surface capture. We expect many developers to follow Remedy’s lead and we are scaling up in anticipation of this increasing demand."

If you’re interested in hearing more about DI4D’s plans, Colin will be at GDC at booth 2342.

Image: Tim Christian (chairman, DI4D), Colin Urquhart (CEO, DI4D), Jason Gould (director, Percipient Investment)

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